Friday, 27 September 2013

The Cold cometh! Yes, The Cold is returning to NE Scotland. I still go out of course but over the past weeks I can smell and feel the return of The Cold.

Since this is my first year of being Out when I choose ('cept at night, blast Her!) I am especially excited to feel The Cold riffle my handsome coat - ahhhhh, the delicious feel of the Autumn breeze through my whiskers, such a delight, so very delicious!

Erm, but a bit on the coolish side. I go Out and enjoy the fresh air then come In and enjoy The House Warm. Good life for a cat. Too bad Her is an ejit convinced I will be eaten by Bad Things if I am out in the evenings and my all time favourite - the very early morning just before the sun comes up.

Another way I know The Cold is on its way back is when Him brings out the special tools for cleaning the Hot Box. (Yes, I know, it is a stove. I like saying Hot Box, so much quicker than typing out 'multi-fuel stove', say you agree!). Him cleans the Hot Box from Inside and Outside and this year I was very happy to assist him in the Outside section of this programme. Next year I shall endeavour to assist from a further distance so as to preclude the need for an after-the-cleaning bath - YUCK!

And so without further ado I present to you my latest portrait - Roo Enjoys The First Firing of the Hot Box!:

Ahhhhhhh, the joys of The Cold! I am nicely settled in here and the Hot Box is one of the amenities most appreciated:)

I am also learning all manner of new feats, tricks (I know but it does keep the treats coming!), and words. I must be careful as I'm fast losing my Devon accent! I think I must have some sort of weird hybrid now, part Scottish (Him), part American Surfer (Her), and part Devon (moi, Mum, and Dad). Oh, a part Posh too - I find myself listening to telly and quite a number of those presenters have such posh accents!

Among the feats I have now on my CV (Her says this is BritSpeak for resume. Americans talk funny if you ask me and since you are reading here you've clearly asked!) is door opening. Now, if (according to Her) one has something called 'knobs' as door furniture (more BritSpeak, this time for door handles. S'rsly, Yanks talk funny!), lacking opposable thumbs (GRRRRR!) would present quite the challenge for a cat. Luckily our door furniture consists entirely of easy-open levers:):):):):)

Unluckily Her has caught on and when Her doesn't want me out Her LOCKS! Imagine that, Her LOCKS to prevent my departure. Heh. Without those opposable thumbs thingies (GRRRR!) once Her locks I'm stuck.

My newest word is 'dreich', Scottish for absolutely miserable drenching cold mist that works its way into even the deepest layers of my lovely incoming winter coat. We had something Her, Him, and the weather presenter on the telly called Indian Summer. Heh. It lasted a whopping whole two days.

And now here in Scotland it is dreich-dreich-dreich, and I am going to go into the Study to inform Him I require a nice firing up of the Hot Box.


Thursday, 15 August 2013


Oh finally! Annie's 'Bean left about an hour ago - Annie's home (poor Arthur!) and the 'Bean recognises Kats iz Kats and keeping one or both of us In when we are used to having the Freedom of the City is just sooooooo wrong.

My Them said she should spray me with a water pistol if I should become annoying to let me know I am not welcome there. Heh.

Any road, here I am enjoying the back garden steps:

Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Right, it took me a while to have something to blog AND get a turn at the Blogger machine.

FTR: It ISN'T that I don't play well with others, it's that I prefer to choose me own mates, aye?

Sigh. Here's the short story:

See me with 'the freedom of the city' (well, ok, market town, which is not anywheres near enough to be considered a city, fwiw):

Looking good, no? Wait, here's one of me in the back garden:

And even better (a real points earner with Them), I always wipe me paws when I arrive home:

I would post the snap Her took a few minutes ago but really it's too depressing. My poor Roo face is plastered to the bedroom window overlooking the back garden where I am no longer permitted. I'm no longer permitted in the front garden, either. Nor in the lane you see beckoning in the top snap. I am no longer permitted outside, full stop. 

I am Roo, The Tartan Terror - under the Kitteh equivalent of a bleedin' ASBO! (Anti-Social Behaviour Order for those of you unfamiliar with the term). ME! The finest Kat in two of the most important countries in the UK, am under a Kitteh ASBO! So unfair. So very unfair. 

Permit me to expand...


*Understand that your Them are loveable dafties who will take forever to figure out that you NEED to go OUT. NOW! WHENEVER YOU WANT!

*Me-yowl like mad and climb the net curtains whilst on yet another (wretched for me, wonderful for them. Heh) holiday to Mum and Dad's and The Three Horrible Fur-Cousins. Keep them awake all night doing this. Through-out the week long holiday.

*Walk nicely on the harness and lead so that you can suss out all the good spots, and get a look at the competition - do this at home and abroad btw.

*Wander unconsolably me-yowling from window to window once home to drive them mad until THEY FINALLY OPEN THE BACK GARDEN DOOR AND LET YOU OUT OF DOORS. Did I mention FINALLY?!

*Make your loveable self known to all of the neighbours especially those thick enough to fall for your starving cat piteously me-yowling for treats (even though lifting you for a nice cuddle will give the poor 'Bean back strain because you are so pampered at home with nicely filled bowls of delicious premium wet AND dry cat food, and you bag treats from Them regularly too).

*If caught out in the rain (O. M. Bast! Can it rain in Scotland?? More like does it ever stop raining in Scotland?!) it is of course and certainly permissable to leap onto the closest window ledge and me-yowl piteously to be let in, dried in a warm fluffy towel (note to self, Them GOTTA get a tumble dryer! A warm fluffy towel straight from the tumble drier is definitely Kat Bliss!) and of course, comforted with a nice treat. 

*But NEVER-EVER-NEVER get caught terrorising the second cat (always a female, ffs, why is that?!) when you leap up on the kitchen window ledge to see if your mate Arthur (the first cat, of course) can come out to play. 

Her name is Annie. She is a spoiled whingeing little Tortie who thinks she is a Princess. One of these days...oh wait. I am not allowed out of doors any more. Because of her. 

She wrecked it all, she really did. It IS NOT MY FAULT! All I did was check to see if my mate Arthur could come out to play. He does it all the time at my house and my Them don't think it's a problem. (Well, ok, there is no other Kat at my house to be supposedly terrorised by Arthur's appearance, but still.)

The twit ran away after hissing-spitting-growling-shaking-and otherwise demonstrating to her 'Bean audience that I was some sort of DemonKat bent on eating her or something. Hah! 

OK, she ran away four times. Always after I appeared to pick-up my mate Arthur. The twit. (Annie, not Arthur) 

The faker! I know she does this because she's angry Arthur isn't around to play her stoopid GirlKat games anymore because he's hanging with a real Kat - me of course. 

And so yesterday her 'Bean walked the four doors down to my Them's door. 

And knocked. 

And asked Them please to do something about me terrorising Little Precious (aka Annie) because the 'Bean is worried Little Precious will run away for good. 

(Which would be good for Arthur because he really can't stand her. He just puts up with her and would be quite happy for her to disappear forever so he too could be an OnlyKat. I know this because he frequently asks what it is like to be The Only)

And so I am under a Kitteh ASBO. 

So wrong. So very, very wrong!

Monday, 7 January 2013

Well. Here we are, Roo's new blog page! Took me a while to figure out how to set up a new blogspot but sometimes all it takes is a deep breath and a click in hopes it won't wipe out years of work on other blogs.

Comments will be subject to word verification and moderation-sorry about that but lately the original blog has been spammed alot (heehee) and whilst 'protecting' that one I realised I should protect the ones that actually are read!

Expect frequent blogs here from Roo. First of all because he's an amazing cat with lots to say (oh trust me, he talks ALL the time), but perhaps most importantly because his Mum and Dad miss him as much as I miss Mozart and Gonzo, and I will be MUCH better at keeping them up-to-date on his doings than the people who re-homed my much missed and constantly worried over Mozart and Gonzo.

(Yes. I am hoping the new folks with my two feel the heat and finally let me know those two are safe and happy.)

I'll post this new url on the old blog as soon as I publish this first post.