Monday, 7 January 2013

Well. Here we are, Roo's new blog page! Took me a while to figure out how to set up a new blogspot but sometimes all it takes is a deep breath and a click in hopes it won't wipe out years of work on other blogs.

Comments will be subject to word verification and moderation-sorry about that but lately the original blog has been spammed alot (heehee) and whilst 'protecting' that one I realised I should protect the ones that actually are read!

Expect frequent blogs here from Roo. First of all because he's an amazing cat with lots to say (oh trust me, he talks ALL the time), but perhaps most importantly because his Mum and Dad miss him as much as I miss Mozart and Gonzo, and I will be MUCH better at keeping them up-to-date on his doings than the people who re-homed my much missed and constantly worried over Mozart and Gonzo.

(Yes. I am hoping the new folks with my two feel the heat and finally let me know those two are safe and happy.)

I'll post this new url on the old blog as soon as I publish this first post.